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If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done

Truffles get a healthy make over at Petite Temptationz.

This original & special fusion is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.

Use them as a dessert, energy balls or even just a snack.

Each Ruffle is packed with natural goodness and sweetened using dates and or maple syrup.

Christmas Special

Ayurvedic Inspired

Cashew | Cacao | Rose

One of my favorites!

This Ruffle is made with cashews & cocoa covered with rose petals.


Almond | Cacao | Flax Seeds

If you're a chocolate lover then you'll love this Ruffle! With the satisfying healthy flavor of cacao you'll surely satisfy that craving.

This ruffle also has chia seeds.


Coconut | Cashew | Almond

Rafaello's get a healthy makeover with these Ruffles. Smooth and lightly sweetened these are sure to calm that sweet tooth.


Raspberry | Cashew | Coconut

The perfect blend of Rasbperries with Cashews. This Ruffle promises tangy notes and finishes with some crunchy Cacao nibs.


Pistachio | Cashew | Matcha

This Ruffle brings the earthy tones of Matcha & Pistachio combined. 


Cashew | Mango | Oats

This Ruffle is Ayurvedic inspired. With the goodness of mango, cashews, ashwagandha, and a touch of ginger. This energy ball is sure to give you an uplift.


Cashew | Cacao Butter | Coconut

This is the perfect way to get the Vegan Egg-Nog fix for the holidays. 

Easy on the palettes and still keeps you healthy! 

Egg-Nog Me

Walnut| Cacao | Chai Spices

The perfect blend of walnuts and cacao sprinkled with Chai Spices! Smooth and satisfying with notes of nutmeg.


Rosy-Cao Ruffles





Perfect for any occasion